TODAY:    Thursday, September 21st, The Lady Trojans will travel to Manhattan.  Their bus will be leaving at 2:15pm please release them at 2pm after 6th period.  Game time is 5:30pm.  The Pep Club will meet in Ms. Murrell’s room during advisory.

 TOMORROW:  Friday, September 22nd, the Titans will travel to Ennis for a game beginning at 7pm.  The bus will be leaving at 2:15pm.  The JHFB team will also travel to Ennis for a game at 4pm.  Bus time is 12:30pm.  The JHVB team will travel to Lincoln for a game at 3:30pm.  Bus time is 2pm.

COMING UP:  Saturday, September 23rd, the Cross Country team will compete in Missoula at 9:30am.  They will depart at 7:45am.  The Lady Trojans will travel to Sheridan for an all day tournament.  They will be leaving at 6am.

 “Let’s start the day with some exciting news. We now have our 3rd Book Blast Treasure Chest winner! Congratulations to Emmett Egbert! We still have one more Treasure Chest stuffed with cash to give away and then the grand prize iPad drawing. If you would like the chance to win, be sure to complete your Treasure Map assignment tonight and send out 15 or more invites to enter the drawing! Best of luck to all of you!”