TODAY:  Monday, September 25th, there will be a Drug Prevention presentation for 7th-12th grade in the Auxiliary Gym beginning at 8am.  The JVFB team will travel to Simms for games beginning at 4pm.  Their bus will be leaving at 12:30pm. Please release players at 12 for lunch. 

 TOMORROW:  Tuesday, September 26th, the Lady Trojans will travel to Valley for games beginning at 5:30pm.  Their bus will leave at 3:30pm.  Juniors and Seniors will be attending the Career Fair in Missoula from 8-12:30pm.  Mr. Oberweiser will send out a list of those students going.   FFA Members will be gone to a competition in Sheridan.  Mr. Bowey sent out a list of those students who are going last week.

 COMING UP:  Wednesday, September 27th, we will do bus evacuation training starting at 8am.  The Trojan Traits ceremony will take place in the Main Gym at 3:15pm. For K-12th.

 Thanks to everyone who has helped make Book Blast such a success for our school! We now have our 4th and final Book Blast Treasure Chest stuffed with cash winner. Congratulations to Ayden Webster! This has been a fun first week of rewards and prizes for many of you, and the grand prize drawing for the iPad is next!