Happy Birthday to Boe McNiven!  Have a great day!!

TODAY:  Tuesday, September 26th, the Lady Trojans will travel to Valley for games beginning at 5:30pm.  Their bus will leave at 3:30pm.  Juniors and Seniors will be attending the Career Fair in Missoula from 8-12:30pm.  Mr. Oberweiser has sent out a list of those students going.   FFA Members will be gone to a competition in Sheridan.  Mr. Bowey sent out a list of those students who are going last week.

 TOMORROW:  Wednesday, September 27th, we will do bus evacuation training starting at 8am.  The Trojan Traits ceremony will take place in the Main Gym at 3:15pm. For K-12th.  Cross Country photos will take place after school.

 COMING UP:  Thursday, September 28th, the XC team will compete in Hamilton at 4pm.  They will be leaving at 12:30pm.  The JVVB team will play host to the team from Helena Christian with games at 5 and 6:30pm.

 “It’s finally here! We have the iPad winner for our Book Blast! Drumroll please……. Congratulations, Brooklyn Brown! You’ve all done a fabulous job of completing your Treasure Maps this past week. Let’s give ourselves a round of applause for helping build our home libraries. I am so proud of you; but remember students, just because the iPad drawing is over doesn’t mean the Book Blast is over. Each of you will receive at least one new, exciting book for your home library, but you have the chance to earn 10 books!”