Lady Trojans you did it all! 
You knew what had to be done;
You really played good volleyball,
And that is why you won!
Darby was your first to meet,
And you took this match in three!
And now it was with this defeat,
It seemed to be your destiny!
Granite was the next to play,
But they took the match in five;
And though it left you with dismay,
Your dreams were still alive!
It was another from the Bitterroot,
The Pirates from Victor town,
And this team you gave the boot
So you could play another round! 
Now you faced the home team;
You were tired but came to play;
And you were able to keep your dream,
And you weren’t ready to go away! 
So now it was Granite again,
But you were not to be denied,
It was another Drummond win
As you pushed that team aside!
Seeley now stood in your way
A team you’d lost to twice;
But this would be a different day,
Oh! Man now this was nice!
Seeley took the first game;
Drummond took the next;
This match was not gonna be the same,
The Lady Trojans broke the hex!
The next match Drummond went up by two, 
Then Seeley would win two in a row;
But it was Drummond who came through
Now it’s off to Divisional they will go!