Spelling Bee

Drummond School hosted the Granite County Spelling Bee on February 22nd. Fifth grader Macey Anderson placed first after going many rounds with Gus Smith from Philipsburg.  Macey spelled "sustenance" and "columns" as her final two words to win.  

Charlee Cline finished third and spelled words such as "weird"," orientation", etc. but missed "expanse" in the fifth round.  

Many Drummond School kids were in the final third of the group with Paco Ostler making it far but missing "dingos".

Those representing their classes were 4th grade: Gavin Bryant and Eisley Poser, 5th grade:
Macey and Paco. 6th grade: Casey James and Jayla Pfendler, 7th grade: Charlee and Dawson
Parke who went out on "alibi", and 8th grade: Kaiden Huberg.  

Some other words Mrs. Graveley gave the kids were contessa, mutual, ogre, Juneteenth, ostriches, technique, and conkers, a traditional children's game in Great Britain.  Thank you Toby Wetsch for organizing this year's spelling bee.

Pictured from left to right: Charlee Cline, Macey Anderson, Gus Smith